15 February 2020

GLOG: 1d24 things which might emerge from the top of a chaotic, parasitic, Top-hat and a Glog class that wears one

It would seem to be an ordinary top-hat, aside from its glossy sheen. Any humanoid who approaches the hat must make a Charisma/Willpower save to resist placing the hat upon their head. Wearing that hat levels the wearer, at which point they must take a level as a Mad-Hatter.


A: Top-hat, Thinking Cap, Emergent d6
B: Main hat, Initiate, Emergent d12
C: Hat leader, Greater Initiate, Emergent d18
D: Hat life, Spell flux, Emergent d24

Top-hat: The top-hat is sealed to your head. Any damage dealt to the hat is dealt to your HP. The top-hat's voice is inside your head, he calls himself Horatio. Horatio is an agent of Chaos. Replace one of your personality traits with one from the Chaotic personality list.You must level as this class until you have all 4 templates, even if this would replace your previous class templates. Change your name on your character sheet to [name] & Horatio.

Thinking Cap: Horatio knows much. Perhaps too much. If you ask Horatio a question there is a 5/6 chance he will give you a truthful answer. Each additional question during a session/day decreases the chance of an honest response by 1/6.

Emergent: Horatio can call forth wondrous things from the top of the hat. As an action you may roll on the Emergence Table to see what emerges from your top of the hat. If you roll a result that has already occurred this session, take the next lowest roll on the table (continuing with this if needed). As you gain new dice sizes you may choose, each time you roll, which dice size to use. To simulate a d18, roll a ((1d3 -1)x6 +1d6)). For a d24, roll ((1d4 -1)x6 +1d6)) or roll ((1d2 -1) x12 + 1d12)).

Main hat: Change the name on your character sheet to Horatio & [name]. Replace an additional non-chaotic personality trait with a chaotic one. Horatio's voice can now be heard by others.

Initiate: Gain advantage on initiative rolls in the first round. If you cause initiative to be rolled, roll 1d10 on the initiative table. If you satisfy the rolled condition, you get the matching effect.

Hat leader: Change the name on your character sheet to Horatio featuring [name]. Replace an additional non-chaotic personality trait with a chaotic one. Your voice can now only be heard in Horatio's mind.

Greater Initiate: Once you have rolled a d10 on the initiative table to gain a condition, you may choose to have the matching effect, or you may roll and additional d10 and take the effect from the new roll. 

Hat life: Change the name on your character sheet to Horatio. You retain the memories of your original character but any vestiges of their personality have gone. Their voice is a distant memory inside the mind of Horatio.The thinking-cap ability now applies to the mind of the former character. Any remaining non-chaotic personality traits should be replaced with chaotic ones. 

Spell Flux: When a spellcaster casts a spell within 15ft of you, you may force the spellcaster to take a charisma save. If they fail they must cast a different spell they know, chosen at random.

Character Missions

⃞  A non-player character complements/praises your hat
⃞  Emerge at an unsuspecting creature
⃞  Do something completely unexpected which has negative material consequences

Emergence Table

1d24 What emerges
0 A sickly magic missile springs forth, target may take a constitution save to take half damage
1 1d6 top-hats fly out, landing on the nearest humanoid targets' heads.
2 A sheep fires out at high velocity in a straight line, can save to avoid being hit, 1d6 damage each to the sheep and the target.
3 A dense mess of cactus spurts forth and continues growing for the next minute. Each round it grows larger by a 5x5ft square.
4 The hat lurches forwards 30ft, taking you with it. Roll falling damage for any impact with a dexterity save to half the damage.
5 Everything in a 30ft long by 5ft wide cylinder is healed for 1d6 HP.
6 An illusionary wolf leaps from the hat towards the nearest humanoid, save vs a fear effect. The illusion will pop like a bubble.
7 A 2HD wolf leaps from the hat towards the nearest humanoid, it will flee once it has half health.
8 Two scaled humanoid hands emerge and perform an obscene gesture.
9 A dead and decaying bull erupts forth from the hat at enormous speed, travelling up to 100ft and dealing 3d6 damage to the target (Con save to half), exploding upon impact splattering rotten carcass around the nearby area
10 A [x=1d2] level fire-bolt strikes forth, dealing x(d6+1) fire damage to the first target in a straight line, save vs dexterity to dodge it
11 The arm of a giant flies out and punches the first thing it hits within its reach of 15ft, dealing 2d6 damage, save vs con to reduce by half
12 A copper sphere plops out and a voice rings out clearly "10, 9, 8,…". Upon reaching zero (after 1 round), the sphere will explode, healing everyone within 10ft for 2d6 HP
13 A copper sphere plops out and a voice rings out clearly "10, 9, 8,…". Upon reaching zero (after 1 round), the sphere will explode as a maximum level fireball
14 Roll 1d6. A stream of X flows out at a high pressure for the next minute: (1) Butterflies (2) scolding hot water (3) toenail clippings (4) bright, blinding light (5) diseased, scurrying rats (6) pebbles
15 A wand protrudes and casts a random orthodox wizard spell
16 A 2HD animated sword flies out, it will attack nearby creatures, including players, targeting them in descending height order
17 Everything within a 30ft cone of the hat becomes invisible for the 1d6 rounds, unless it casts a spell or attacks
18 First creature in a 100ft line gains a random mutation
19 Roll 1d6. Everything in a 15ft cube becomes covered in: (1) gold leaf (2) poop (3) chicken's blood (4) glitter (5) rust (6) grease
20 The first thing in a line grows an arm. If it is a creature the arm attempts to strangle it for the next 1d6 rounds, after which it functions like a normal arm. If it is not a creature, the arm takes the form of the object which now becomes sentient, wilful, and angered at its newfound sentience.
21 A fragile flask containing love potion flies out up to 20ft, if hit save or fall madly in love with the first animal you see for 1 hour
22 Roll 1d6. Treasure worth 1d6 gold falls from the hat. Treasure is: (1) an emerald (2) a rare monster egg (3) salt (4) fine clothing (5) a landscape painting (6) a spell-book written in a dead language
23 A 20ft by 20ft iron portcullis appears parallel to the hat's top and 10ft away.
24 1d4 grasping tentacles burst forth for 1 round, range 15ft. Dexterity save to avoid being grasped. If grasped strength save to avoid being pulled inside the hat. After the 2nd round the portal at the top of the hat will close, severing anything crossing its boundary.

Initiative table

1d10 Condition Effect
1 For each round, if you narrate what you are doing in 3rd person +4 to a single dice roll that round
2 For each round in which you are not wearing anything over your lower body any roll on the emergent table can be re-rolled once per round
3 For each round in which you speak in rhymes all hat wearers gain +1 to all rolls, all hat-less creatures get -1 to all rolls that round
4 For each round in which you deliberately waste your entire turn in an elaborate way gain advantage on all rolls next round
5 For each round where you do not use your movement Next round, double your movement, you don't generate opportunity attacks 
6 If you place a hat on an opponent's head Gain advantage on actions against that opponent for the rest of the combat
7 If you set yourself on fire and don't put it out for at least 1 round For the rest of the combat, you leave a trail of fire behind you as you move
8 If you drop all your weapons and don't pick them up for the rest of the combat Each time you hit an opponent you increase in size as though an enlarge spell had been cast on you. Each time you miss an opponent you decrease in size as though a reduce spell had been cast on you. Size change gradually wears off in the minutes after the combat ends.
9 If you make a pun related to your action or an action made against you since the last turn At the end of your turn, swap places with the combatant who is furthest from you
10 Once per round, when you hit an ally with your emergence You may use your emergence ability an additional time


1: This is my own personal nonsense where player characters choose personality traits from a list and are rewarded with bonus xp for portraying them in game.
2: This can also be done by splitting the table into sections of 6 results, then using a dice roll to see which section you are in, followed by a d6 roll to get the specific result. All of these composite rolls are intended to be reroll-able by a single reroll.
3: More personal nonsense where players get bonus xp for completing certain class-related missions at least once during a session

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